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MDMA or Molly may seem like a good idea to try when attending a party but the consequences of using the dangerous drug can be fatal. Misuse often leads to an addiction and tolerance causing more MDMA or Molly to be taken to feel the same effects. Continued misuse can be halted through Westport MDMA abuse treatment programs, which will help addicts positively deal with their addiction. Find ways to treat your addiction by contacting drug addiction rehab centers in Westport. Call (203) 571-0064 for more information.

What is MDMA or Molly?

MDMA can come in a variety of different colors in its tablet form and it is a popular “club-drug”. It is an illegal substance due to the tendency to abuse it which often leads to an addiction. The MDMA or Molly made today often contains many other illegal drugs and the exact combination of drugs that is in a tablet is hard to discern and therefore a single tablet can be dangerous. The feelings the drug produces include sensations of emotional warmth, euphoria, empathy and increased energy. It is known by many names including ecstasy, Molly, The Love Drug, beans, clarity, Cadillac, essence and snowballs.

Immediate Dangers of MDMA Abuse

The combination of dehydration, increased energy, poor perception of time and doing activities like dancing can be dangerous and can lead to hyperthermia which can cause coma and death. There are also additional symptoms such as confusion, panic attacks, faintness, blurred vision, muscle cramps and high blood pressure when MDMA is taken. There is a real threat of kidney and cardiovascular failure leading to death in some cases. People can also overhydrate themselves in an effort to balance their dehydration which can be as dangerous as not drinking enough water.

Long-term Dangers of MDMA Abuse

There is ongoing research on the effects of MDMA over the long-term and scientists are still trying to understand the full scope of the drug’s long-term health risks. It is clear that many users exhibit signs of depression, paranoia and anxiety. Addiction to the drug is also likely over long-term use. There is long-term damage to brain tissue, specifically areas which control the release of serotonin, a chemical which regulates systems such as sleep, memory, mood, emotions and cognitive abilities.

Treatment programs that simply work are within your reach. Call Westport drug treatment centers, or visit your local Narcotics Anonymous (http://ctna.org/find-a-meeting.php) to share your story and get support.

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